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What does a real man in today’s world look like? Well what’s desirable these days are tight abs, big guns, slimmer waists, and a longer, stronger Johnson – at least according to my favourite bathroom mag, Men’s Health it is. While I don’t deny wanting to have any of those things, out of it’s 10 million starry-eyed readers, how many of us look anything like the guy on the cover: chiseled, lean, and meticulously well-groomed?

As the health and fitness industries all over the world enjoy surges in profit from the pockets of guys, we are looking more and more the opposite of healthy: un-chiseled, McLean, and stressed out. Increased work and personal stress, social isolation, changing roles, and our eat-like-a-man mentality – it all adds up to one disastrous ball of sad. Something needs to change!

How do we find the balance between meals of comfort, health, happiness and responsible eating? Is there such a thing? I believe so. You don’t have to give up meat to become a more responsible and sustainable consumer – but it will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Shifting towards a healthier, mostly plant-based diet doesn’t need to be drastic, because frankly, eating something nasty for the sake of “health” won’t keep you coming back. Start slow, improvise, experiment, and explore. Your manly parts will thank you.

Real Men Eat Green is here to help. You’ll also find a whole whack tasty fresh meatless recipe ideas, as well as thoughts and musings on contemporary manliness, health, sustainability, and man boobs.

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Tony is a un-chiseled, slightly doughy around the midsection but working on it twenty-something. He hails from Vancouver, BC and is employed in the non-profit sector. He enjoys running, hiking, triathlon, the occasional shot of tequila, and tofu (not all together). Tony rejects the notion that a steak and bacon is in any way manly and writes to encourage guys (and their female comrades) to try something different.

Contact: tony @ realmeneatgreen dot com